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Have a question? Call +34 971 92 76 91
Have a question? Call +34 971 92 76 91
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Avenida de Adeje 300, s/n, 38678 Playa Paraíso, Adeje, Tenerife, Spain

According to decree law 17/2020 on extraordinary measures in tourist matters, approved by the Government of the Canary Islands on October 29, 2020, the customer is knowledgeable and accepts that he must freely prove the completion of a diagnostic test within the indicated period of 72 hours prior to his arrival by providing the certificate, either online or on paper, and to prove that he has not tested positive as a COVID-19 transmitter.

This document, mandatory for everyone over the age of six, should contain the time and date of the test, the customer’s identity, the laboratory responsible for its verification and its nature, as well as the negative result.

Canary residents that declare under their responsibility that they have not left the territory of the autonomous community within 15 days of their arrival at the establishment are exempt from the obligation to submit a diagnostic test mentioned in the rule above.  Non-residents that can prove with their travel document that they have been staying in the Canary Islands for at least 15 days prior to their arrival at the accommodation are also exempt from this rule.

The customer is also knowledgeable and agrees to downloading and keeping the Radar Covid mobile contagion alert app. active during their stay on the islands, as well as for 15 days immediately after their return to their place of origin.

The establishment, in compliance with this decree law, is obliged to deny access to those who do not comply with the condition of having a negative test for COVID-19, under the conditions specified.

Post COVID-19 holidays with Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

We know that a legendary beach holiday, full of rock and roll of course, must be on your mind. But we also know that after the recent COVID-19 outbreak, as the world is slowly released from lockdown, most rockers are probably full of doubts: What will travelling be like after quarantine? What hygiene measures will hotels carry out? And what health regulations will be put into place to maintain a safe environment?  

At Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, we want our guests to know that they´ve got nothing to worry about. Our goal is to offer the highest degree of hygiene while following all health regulations in order to keep our hotels safe, so that our rockers can enjoy a super star experience while travelling after quarantine

Travelling like a rock star after quarantine 

Lately, we’ve all been finding ourselves in strange situations. But, one thing is for sure: our company would not be what it is today without the people. They have always been our highest priority and therefore, we’ve always believed that their safety and wellbeing has led to our success.

For that reason, especially during these times, it is more essential than ever that we take care of our rockers and our partners. We’d like you to check out our planned health and hygiene measures that will be taking place to ensure the utmost safety within our hotels and, in turn, offer our guests a worry-free holiday.

Your holidays with COVID-19 sanitary recommendations 

On behalf of Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, with SOUND+SAFE we want to inform you that we are implementing the instructions and recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the expert authorities of the six countries in which we operate. 

Our goal is to go above and beyond and, in addition to ensuring strict compliance with these indications, we are raising our standards in terms of safety, quality, health, and hygiene, by incorporating these new standards and protocols. These implementations will ensure that we maintain excellence in the product and service that characterizes us and that our 2 hotels, both in Tenerife and Ibiza, are safe environments where guests are protected and cared for with rock star treatment.

Among these health measures, we would especially like to highlight the following:


These guidelines are certified by external laboratories. It is the result of an exhaustive analysis prepared by a Task Force Team conformed by Executives & Associates of Palladium Hotel Group experienced in the hotel operations in the back/front-of the-house areas and highly recognized by the industry for their years of expertise. Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife is firmly committed to continue implementing these and other measures to ensure that our guests can enjoy a legendary vacation. 

On behalf of the entire Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife team, we want to thank you for your valuable support, collaboration, and commitment during this complicated time for everyone. Thanks to you we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Palladium Hotel Group; together we have helped so many rockers enjoy unforgettable experiences in our hotels, and thanks to you we are fulfilling our mission of turning guests into fans.

With the highest level of safety regulations and hygiene measures put into place, we are positive that we can prevent the spread of the coronavirus and guarantee the best post-COVID travelling experience. Our guests will feel secure as they look forward to their holidays and, in addition, when booking with us they will benefit from our flexible rates to enjoy the best travel deals. We remain hopeful that this will all pass very soon, that people will start traveling and that we will, once again, continue to offer rockers from all over the world the most legendary experiences.





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