Have a question? Call +34 971 92 76 91
Have a question? Call +34 971 92 76 91
Have a question? Call +34 971 92 76 91
+34 971 92 76 91

Avenida de Adeje 300, s/n, 38678 Playa Paraíso, Adeje, Tenerife, Spain


Decked out with the characteristic glamour of the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, Sessions is not your typical buffet restaurant. Sessions is THE buffet-style restaurant of the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife.

A little salad. Some seafood rice. A delicious meat casserole with potatoes. Combine all your favourite tastes and create a new and personalised gastronomical experience for yourself every day at the most exclusive buffet restaurant in Tenerife.

Situated opposite the Splash pool at the Oasis tower, Sessions offers fabulous views of the pool and a large terrace where you can get a relaxing start to your day, coffee in hand and kick back (or chow down) at your leisure or end of an unforgettable evening with a gorgeous meal under the moonlight.

Bespoke breakfasts with self-service islands where you’ll always get your fill and evening meals to delight your taste-buds with a huge culinary selection, from seasonal products to world cuisine, where taste, aesthetic and presentation are impeccably styled and cared for. It’s all you can eat, guys… at Sessions there’s no limit!

Come and try our buffet restaurant, Sessions, and enjoy the tastiest gastronomical experience in Tenerife. We open every day of the year and we can’t wait to have you. Hola, amigo!

*All services and schedules may be reduced due to the current situation to prevent infection. 


Coffee and toast? Juice and scrambled eggs? Maybe a little fresh fruit with yogurt and granola?

Everyone has their breakfast preference. What’s yours? From first thing in the morning you can enjoy all kinds of sweet and savoury breakfasts: breads, pastries, fruit, traditional cheeses, eggs, coffees, freshly-squeezed juices, herbal teas… Start the day off right and get yourself set for a day of exciting adventures at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife.

When it comes to dinner, the local produce, traditional dishes of the Canary Island gastronomy, and international culinary creations for every palate and appetite… it will all have you drooling with delight!

Salad bar, pizzas, rice dishes, delicious meats and fish made on the spot, and a whole host of dish options from all around the world… you’ll always find a ton of tantalising options.

And if you’re looking to immerse in the local culture, at Sessions you’ll also find a self-service buffet with traditional Canary Island dishes so you can get a great taste of the local specialities. And when it comes to dessert, don’t hold back. Enjoy the varied selection of sweet recipes for kids and adults who know what the good life’s all about (for real)!

Enjoy the gorgeous setting and impeccable presentation, in a relaxed ambiance where everything is just so enticing.

At the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, we firmly believe that true luxury means doing things your own way. That’s why we bring you this delicious buffet-style restaurant where you can tailor everything exactly to your own liking.


Sessions is the perfect choice for every diet. Offering a flexible and versatile menu option, you can choose whatever takes your fancy. The food options are comprehensive and suitable for all types of dietary restrictions: celiac, vegetarian and vegan… there are delicious options for everyone to create a customised menu during their stay.

What will your next experience taste like? Find out at Sessions, the only buffet restaurant at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife. We’re expecting you!

Opening hours:

Breakfast: 7:30 am - 11 am  

Dinner: 7 pm – 10 pm


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