Have a question? Call +34 971 92 76 91
Have a question? Call +34 971 92 76 91
Have a question? Call +34 971 92 76 91
+34 971 92 76 91

Avenida de Adeje 300, s/n, 38678 Playa Paraíso, Adeje, Tenerife, Spain


Get your motor running…! Change The Way offers you an exciting way to get to know Tenerife: how about taking a car tour to discover the island at the wheel of a fabulous 4-wheel drive, like a true adventurer? You know you want to! It’s time to go… to infinity and beyond!

So well accustomed to the stress of the city, we all too easily forget the sensation of infinite freedom we can get out in nature. Feeling the wind on our faces. Enjoying the open road. Imagine what it feels like to put down that phone, grab the steering wheel of your awesome 4x4 with both hands and just drive into the jaw-dropping landscapes of Tenerife (just imagine)!

Change The Way is a unique adventure, an intense experience only for the truly intrepid adventurer, where you’ll discover unexplored routes of Tenerife and feel just like Indiana Jones riding astride a beast on the open road.

Drive above the clouds. Master the road as you go. We’ll set you up with an exclusive Jeep Wrangler for your bold car tour adventure around Tenerife, with your family, your partner, your soulmate, or your crazy sidekick. Crank up the volume and take to the road. Are you ready for action? Bon voyage!

*All services and schedules may be reduced due to the current situation to prevent infection.



Tenerife boasts some of the most diverse and captivating landscapes imaginable. Cliffs, crystal-clear waters, beaches with multi-coloured sands, wild nature that contrasts with the charming coastal villages and the famous and impressive Teide volcano.

Thanks to these car tours, you can discover Tenerife in depth and reach places that the average tourist just doesn’t reach: explore the midlands, ascend to over 2,000 metres in altitude and take in the outstanding views of Tenerife, photograph cliffs that you would never reach on foot, or reach the top of the Teide enjoying the (many) twists and turns of the uphill journey. The experience of driving a jeep and taking a 4x4 road trip in Tenerife is unique. Don’t miss it!

If you want to take a car trip and venture forth on this exclusive journey of discovery around Tenerife, at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife we’ll make your booking for you and share all our tips about the best routes so you can get the most out of your 4x4 experience. We’ll show you exotic itineraries with dreamy landscapes that will give you a completely different perspective of Tenerife. Just ask at reception and embark on your adventure!



If you’re interested in booking the Change the Way experience, please mention it upon check-in, and if all the requirements are met, we’ll take care of the reservation.
Does not apply to commissionable tariffs.
The experience includes the rental of a vehicle from Europcar and requires the acceptance of the conditions laid down in a contract with Europcar.
Your decision not to comply with the requirements or not to accept them does not entitle you to any form of compensation.
Prices and other conditions subject to availability at the time of booking.
The minimum age to reserve and carry out this activity is 25 years.

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