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Here on the island of Eternal Spring we have history, culture, dreamy beaches and even a magnificent volcano. Charming villages, luscious forests and dozens of wonderful enclaves to visit during your stay in Tenerife.

If you’re thinking about coming to the Canaries, let us tell you what sites to visit in Tenerife and why you should choose the big sister in our family of islands to enjoy a jam-packed and unforgettable holiday.

Tenerife is an island of natural contrasts with amazing landscapes and it’s full of unique architectural monuments to visit during your stay. At the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, we’re delighted to offer you a personalised guide of the most interesting spots to visit in Tenerife.




Los Gigantes

The Los Gigantes cliffs are one of the most spectacular natural sites to visit in Tenerife. Situated in Santiago del Teide, this stunning cliff stands 600 m above sea level, with a vertiginous drop that would be daunting even for the most daring of climbers. Its seabed boasts an incredible array of underwater flora and fauna that attracts many a diver to explore down below and many a fishing enthusiast to fish from the heights.

Whale watching

The Atlantic Ocean offers exhilarating experiences for lovers of the giant, graceful sea creatures. Whales and dolphins swim together while your sailboat tours the waters -an experience that will surely remain as one of your favourite memories of Tenerife.

Parque del Drago

One of the Canary Islands’ most cherished living monuments. In the north of Tenerife, nestled in the Icod de los Vinos district, you’ll find the Drago Milenario, a tree that is almost one thousand years old and stands nearly 18 metres high. It has been declared a National Heritage Monument and emblematic symbol of the Canary Islands. Around the tree you’ll find a natural park with a luscious selection of island greenery.

Teide National Park

Of all the places to visit in Tenerife, this has got to take one of the top spots on the list, no doubt about it. You’ll enjoy the other-worldly landscapes. Breathe the pure air of Spain’s highest peak. Walk amid volcanic lava and feel pretty humbled by this breath-taking setting which the UNESCO has declared a World Heritage Site.

Anaga Rural Park

A few minutes by car from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, you’ll find the Anaga Rural Park, an officially-declared Reserve of the Biosphere. You won’t be the first to be left speechless by its beauty and the abrupt arrangement of ragged mountaintops, deep valleys and ravines leading down to its simply stunning beaches.


Teno Rural Park

This 1,300 metre chunk of a mountain covers the entire western side of the island of Tenerife and is almost fully surrounded by sea. Its geographical isolation has enabled its narrow gorges and valleys to preserve their biodiversity, architecture and unique formations. This is one of the most beautiful sites to visit in Tenerife, with great ecological, landscape and cultural value.




Adán Martín Auditorium of Tenerife

Designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, this building has a huge architectural impact. It’s got to be one of the main tourist attractions to visit in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and is one of the symbols of the capital itself. Located in a unique setting, visitors can enjoy the stunning architecture against the equally stunning natural backdrop of the sea and the mountain range formed by the old Anaga mountain.

Historical Quarter

The capital city still conserves the signs of times past and a history stretching back over five centuries. The bay of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has maintained echoes of its fishing village days with the old church of the Immaculate Conception or the former Palacio de Carta fortress. With colonial airs, the market of Our Lady of Africa draws in the crowds every Sunday for its popular antiques and flea market.

The Basilica of Our Lady of Candelaria

Situated 20 kilometres south of the capital, this was the first place of worship of the Marian order on the Canary Islands and is one of the most beautiful historical sites to visit near Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It has been declared a Cultural Heritage Monument and is the work of architect José Enrique Marrero Regalado. The basilica is dedicated to Our Lady of Candelaria (patron saint of the Canary Islands).

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